About Gyansagar

GyanSagar¬†, meaning¬†“Ocean of Knowledge”,ReadQuest is a flagship product of ReadQuest, an India-based Knowledge Enterprises, providing single point access to a huge repository of literary wisdom and knowledge, embedded in Indian Languages, like Hindi, Sanskrit , Bengali , Gujarati, Marathi, Urdu, Arabic & Persian.

Known as the cradle of human civilization, India produced enormous literature in several languages which is carried down the generations through word of mouth or as archaic texts.

GyanSagar, is first ever & largest online database of all important Indian language books running in thousands , sourced from a vast array of reputed and widely read authors , writers , academicians and scholars.

GyanSagar, takes you across the frontier of time to an ancient civilization in the Indian subcontinent on a voyage of discovery.

Produced over several hundreds years of India’s glorious past , this vast literatures in many fields captures India’s intellectual and cultural dominance over the world in the world of letters and stand testimony even today to the rich past of ancient India.

Believed to be the oldest in the world, Indian literature ,with vast cultural diversities, has been produced in various languages in all genres.

A large part of this Indian literature which comprises GyanSagar,revolves around devotion, drama, poetry and songs. Sanskrit language dominated the early Indian literary scene whereas languages like Gujarati, Marathi, Bengali too had fair share as they were the languages of the common people.

During the medieval period, Muslim literary traditions dominated a large part of Indian literature and saw flourishing of Muslim literature. Muslim rule during the medieval times saw rapid growth and development of Persian and Urdu literature in India.

Similarly languages like Tamil, Telugu and Kannada have produced a large amount of literary gems in the southern part of India.

GyanSagar, acts as first ever one-stop linguistic and cultural point of convergence & synthesis for researchers, academicians and students of Indian literature, providing seamless access a large number of literary classics in all important Indian languages through a user friendly single interface .